Mazda Digital Certified Program – Frequently Asked Questions

The Mazda Digital Certified Program streamlines digital’s best product offerings and solutions to make your digital marketing efforts easy and more effective. Signing up with these top providers is a simple process that does not include a long-term contract. The website and website tool providers offer excellent pricing, helpful data integrations and are knowledgeable on the compliance process. Digital Advertising providers will reduce your competition with Tier I and II to improve your overall efficiency and ROI. Through the comprehensive reporting suite, Dealers will be able to view detailed reporting for all their digital efforts. The billing process is also simplified with every program charge being automatically billed to your open parts statement.

To enroll in a product, simply click anywhere on this site that says, “Enroll Now” or “Shopping Cart”. You will be taken to an enrollment portal and can select the product or service you would like to enroll in. Once you have submitted, you will receive a conformation email from the MDCP Dealer Support Team to verify your enrollment.

Yes, the services offered through the Mazda Digital Certified Program are co-op eligible. All services are eligible for 100% co-op reimbursement so long as accrued and available funds cover 100% of the service costs. Please reach out to Ansira if you have questions regarding products outside of the program being eligible for co-op reimbursement.

Shift Digital automatically submits for co-op reimbursement for all eligible offerings.

All MDCP in-program services are billed directly to your Dealer Parts Statement. All certified services offerings will include “MDCP” in the line item description.

All certified services are billed directly to the Dealer Parts Statement. Billing is traditionally one month behind depending on the service. If you feel your invoice is incorrect, please reach out to the MDCP Dealer Support Team at 1-844-683-3151 or info@mazdadigitalcertified.com.

Per program billing rules, services that begin on or before the 10th of the month will be invoiced for that month of services. Should services begin after the 10th of the moth, billing will begin in the following month. Please keep in mind that cancellations take precedent over new product enrollments when switching from one certified provider to another.

All cancellations must be submitted to our support team at info@mazdadigitalcertified.com. Cancellations submitted on or before the 10th of the month will be effective at the end of the current month. Cancellations submitted after the 10th will result in services and billing continuing through the end of the following month.

The End User License Agreement (EULA) is an agreement between Shift Digital and the Dealer, which includes the terms and conditions of the program. The EULA includes, for example, payment terms, billing rules, and cancelation procedures. It also includes provisions regarding the use of the services throughout the program, enabling the service providers selected by the dealer during enrollment to provide the services through the program.

Dealers are required to enroll and actively use a Certified Website Provider in order to be eligible to accrue co-op funding. All other MDCP offerings are optional.

If you would like to cancel or unenroll from any of the products/services in the Mazda Digital Certified Program, please reach out to the MDCP Dealer Support Team at info@mazdadigitalcertified.com

If you want to upgrade or downgrade a product, you can enroll in the new products through the enrollment site or email the MDCP Dealer Support Team at info@mazdadigitalcertified.com.

Yes, dealers may switch providers at any time. Please note that billing and cancellation policies will still be followed. Please reach out to info@mazdadigitalcertified.com for assistance in avoiding being billed for two providers in one month.

A member of the MDCP Dealer Support Team will confirm the enrollment via email within 2-3 business days after the enrollment was received. Shortly after the enrollment has been processed, the provider will reach out with next steps.

Please contact the MDCP Dealer Support Team at 1-844-683-3151 or info@mazdadigitalcertified.com.

Co-Op Details

Below details the eligible reimbursement amounts and respective co-op account for all Mazda Digital Certified Programs through the Mazda Co-Op and Advertising Program (MCAP). Shift Digital will automatically submit for reimbursements for all eligible products and services.

Websites & Add-Ons 100% Marketing Hard Cost
Website Assistants 100% Marketing Hard Cost
Trade-In Tools 100% Marketing Hard Cost
Messaging Tools 100% Marketing Hard Cost
Test Drive Scheduling Tools 100% Marketing Hard Cost
Sales Digital Advertising &
Vendor Management Fees
100% Media Spend: Consumer Facing Media
Management Fees: Marketing Hard Cost
Parts & Service Digital Advertising &
Vendor Management Fees
100% Service & Parts Co-Op