Direct Digital Marketing

Direct Digital Marketing Add-Ons

Digital Marketing allows you to connect with your existing customers through email and SMS messaging. Drive additional business by connecting with your customer throughout different stages of their research, buying and ownership journey.

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Why does customer relationship building matter?

You know that relationships matter. Building relationships with the customers in your community leads to more sales and more service appointments. But relationships don’t end when a customer drives off the lot. Many dealers don’t realize they are losing revenue from the unused customer data in their DMS.

How will you create effective custom and automated email campaigns to tap into this potential revenue? Most dealers have no time or in-house talent to build custom emails and set-up automated triggers based on customer lifecycles, leading to poor email strategy, deliverability, and engagement.

Build lasting, revenue-driving relationships with your existing customers through targeted email marketing.

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Dealer Inspire

Email is still the most powerful marketing channel to engage your customers 1:1 — if you’re having the right conversations. By syncing with your customer lists and deploying advanced segmentation strategies, we can automatically send high-converting emails based on where your customers are in the shopping or ownership lifecycle to consistently drive revenue.

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Force Marketing

We offer a selection of DMS or conquest emails that are 100% personalized, fully responsive and completely trackable. Using Email, Helix Reporting, Attribution and either the aTom® Service Retention platform or RECAPTURE™ Lead Reanimation, dealers can maximize their budgets and decrease their average cost-per-unit. We are 100% focused on your ROI and on making your dealership as profitable as possible.

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Reach new customers and keep them engaged with SMS marketing tools to enable dealers to build and deliver SMS campaigns to drive engagement. Podium is a marketing and communication platform that uses the simple power of texting and other messaging channels to help auto dealers grow their bottom line. It’s the easiest and most effective way to get more online reviews, convert more website traffic, collect payments, and send targeted promotions.

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Stay Top of Mind with Your Customer Base and Reach New Shoppers with Compelling, Targeted Emails Designed to Maximize ROI

Momentum Email Marketing: Email marketing is still the most cost-effective way to target your potential market. It allows you to target with pinpoint accuracy potential buyers that are currently in the market for a car, thus infusing yourself into their current search and putting your dealership name in the forefront of their mind. The added bonus with email marketing is that it’s a gateway to retargeting, allowing for even more increased brand awareness.


  • Rich, dynamic creative designed custom by our in-house creative team
  • Completely customized campaign strategy and targeting designed specifically with your dealership goals in mind
  • Access to our in-house content writers and designers whose sole job is to focus on creating the best email campaigns in the industry
  • We consistently run A/B tests, along with statistical analysis to determine what does and doesn’t work ensuring the greatest ROI
  • Sales matchback reporting provides insight into each campaign’s success
  • Google Analytics tagging
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Team Velocity

Apollo takes equity mining to the next level with Apollo Sales, our comprehensive sales retention solution. Apollo Sales analyzes years of sales and market data to verify vehicle ownership, identify who is ready to buy, and deliver personalized offers designed to engage a transaction. It includes an integrated suite of email campaigns that feature customized, payment-driven offers and upgrade options based on the customer's vehicle history and status with your dealership. All campaigns drive customers to a personalized Customer Website where they can claim offers, customize a quote, and schedule a service appointment. Apollo Sales scores your top prospects within the Command Center, providing a snapshot of each customer’s entire shopping journey -- highlighting their trade value, equity position, vehicle history, and engagement with your campaigns. Customers can be further targeted through integrated digital and creative campaigns delivered across the Apollo Customer Experience Platform.

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