The Mazda Digital Certified Program (MDCP) is an industry-leading suite of programs and technologies, offering Mazda dealers turnkey solutions across a selection of certified providers. Please see the below resources for additional information.


Your dealership’s website is the first glimpse into your showroom for many potential buyers. Ensure your website offers the best consumer experience across all device types. Choose from a variety of high-quality Website providers, who have integrated with Mazda content to ensure each page has relevant information that produces an exceptional user experience, while allowing flexibility and customization to differentiate your store from others.

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Retail Go To Market+

Retail Go To Market+ (RGTM+) is an integrated, modern marketing platform that leverages our industry-leading Retail Customer Data Platform. RGTM+ integrates the Demand Capture capabilities of the prior MDCP Digital Advertising Programs, with the Demand Generation capabilities of the prior RGTM Program, and the Owner Communication capabilities of the prior Mazda Customer Engage program to deliver dealers with a marketing platform that is designed to be data-driven and prioritizes an audience-first strategy.

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Website Tools

Improve your website conversion and generate more website leads by participating in the digital tools offered through this program. These tools help provide your consumers with additional information while increasing engagement and conversions on your website.

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The Mazda Dealer Online (MDOL) Program manages all brand and 3rd party leads. Our eLead platform is integrated with over 15 popular CRM systems to help you review your performance. All lead metrics can be viewed in the Mazda Digital Analytics dashboard.

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