Retail Go To Market+ Program

Retail Go To Market+

Retail Go To Market+ (RGTM+) is an integrated, modern marketing platform that leverages our industry-leading Retail Customer Data Platform (Retail CDP) to connect Tier 3 with Tier 1 and deliver the most effective and efficient marketing communications throughout the customer journey.

RGTM+ integrates the Demand Capture capabilities of the prior MDCP Digital Advertising program, with the Demand Generation capabilities of the prior Retail Go To Market (RGTM) program and the Owner Communication capabilities of the prior Mazda Customer Engage Program (MCE).

It's a data-driven, audience first strategy that places the customer at the center of all marketing decisions. RGTM+ has a unified data approach to unlock the full potential of both our Mazda data and your dealer data as a single entity, delivering results neither of us can accomplish separately. This holistic marketing solution supports all aspects of your business including Mazda New Car Sales, Mazda Certified Pre-Owned, and Aftersales.

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RGTM+ is designed to support the entire customer journey, from conquest and acquisition to loyalty, retention, and ownership. By integrating the journey across all Mazda properties, from to Dealer Websites across, and activating across Demand Generation, Demand Capture and Owner Communication tactics, RGTM+ supports developing a unified view of the customer across tiers and coordinating marketing activities to best suit the customers needs. RGTM+ prioritizes an audience-first strategy, that is data driven. In-program dealers will receive a custom media plan that is right-sized for their business, market opportunity and factors in co-op availability.


With the ever-changing marketing landscape, and specifically the challenges that are already emerging due to data deprecation, brands, businesses and marketers must better leverage their first party customer data and reduce dependencies on third party data sources. For decades marketers have heavily leveraged third party data to build better, more efficient marketing. But for the last 3-5 years, major forces of data deprecation have emerged:

  1. New consumer privacy legislation, like CCPA and GDPR, impact advertisers’ ability to track and store data
  2. Changing consumer behavior to opt out of third party tracking and data storing via ad blockers, do not track permissions or clearing browsing history
  3. Browser and operating system restrictions, such as Apple ITP, Firefox ETP or MAID restrictions, impact identity-based marketing
  4. Walled gardens, such as Amazon, Facebook, or Google, are all closed ecosystems that restrict data extraction and tracking, impacting insights access and marketing planning capabilities

With all these challenges at hand, brands need to begin building their first party data ecosystem and investing in systems and technologies that allow them to maintain, nurture and expand their current and prospective customer set. One way companies are doing this globally is by investing in Customer Data Platforms – and Mazda is doing the same with both a Corporate CDP and a Retail CDP.

The Retail CDP is the engine that drives RGTM+. This new technology platform aggregates data across various digital entities such as your Dealer Website, Digital Tools such as Digital Retailing, Messaging or Trade In, Leads, and exclusive Mazda data to track customer engagement with Mazda and to create a single view of the customer. Then through audience segmentation technology and exclusive integrations with specific media and marketing platforms, participating Dealers can take action on this rich first-party data to enhance their media campaigns and marketing communications.

The Retail CDP helps Dealers and Mazda better understand who their customers are, where they are in their journey, their shopping interests and intent, and their propensity to purchase. The Mazda Retail CDP enables data integrations that are unachievable outside of the Mazda ecosystem. It allows Mazda and participating Mazda Dealers to activate on first-party data and better coordinate with fellow Dealers and Mazda Tier 1 media plans. This maximizes efficiency, allowing for increased investment in alternative channels/tactics, and it delivers a more seamless customer experience.


As a single, comprehensive marketing platform, RGTM+ brings coordinated planning, activation, and holistic measurement to all participating Mazda Dealers. Coordinated media planning and activation is facilitated through a consistent approach, wherein each dealer’s opportunity is assessed, and a comprehensive media plan is developed to address their opportunity. Media tactics are coordinated across Demand Generation, Demand Capture and Owner Communication. Then, audiences powered by the Retail CDP are pushed to applicable media campaigns to ensure certain customers are prioritized with specific media tactics based on where they are in their journey. Guardrails on messaging, tone, offers, etc. are implemented to ensure the right message meets the right customer at the right time.


RGTM+ is a holistic solution with media plans and owner communication campaigns covering New Car Sales, Mazda Certified Pre-Owned and Aftersales (Service, Parts, Accessories). Expanded and enhanced creative resources have been developed to support the needs across all RGTM+ campaigns.


The RGTM+ Hub on One Mazda is a one stop shop for all resources and reporting including program information, FAQs, training resources and videos, and most importantly, access to the RGTM+ Performance and Analytics Dashboard.

Enrollment in Mazda’s Retail Go To Market+ program is simple. We’ve integrated the enrollment into one location and streamlined the process with a one-time, perpetual enrollment.

RGTM+ reporting has been integrated into a single Analytics Dashboard which allows you to view performance for RGTM+ Demand Generation, Demand Capture, and Owner Communications in real-time, in a single location.


Mazda’s Retail Marketing Programs have continued to perform well for Dealers time and time again. Let’s take a look…

Demand Generation (formerly Retail Go To Market) Through ongoing analysis, Mazda continues to see that RGTM media is more efficient than non-RGTM dealer media. RGTM drives an average of 3.7M dealer website page views per month and RGTM-participating dealers see more traffic and sell more cars that non-participating dealers. In leveraging Mazda first-party audience data at scale, RGTM has been able to refine the audience strategy to deliver high performance, delivering 50% more efficient cost-per pageview when Mazda 1P data is used.

Demand Capture (formerly MDCP Digital Advertising Programs) Having first launched in 2018, the MDCP Digital Advertising Programs have an abundance of data and have become a well-refined Demand Capture program for Mazda dealers. Since program inception, overall media click through rate (CTR) has increased 43% and overall media cost per click (CPC) has decreased 44%. There has been an 80% increase in the number of average unique visitors driven to Dealer Websites since program inception and a near 60% decrease in Cost per Lead driven by the program. Additionally, dealers in program continue to have better website performance than dealers out of program, with higher traffic, more page views, form submissions and click to calls, proving that campaigns in program are highly optimized and driving high quality traffic to dealers’ sites that convert.

Performance aside, RGTM+ will support all of the known value-adds that dealers can expect when supporting a Mazda Retail Marketing program, such as:

  1. Automatic co-op reimbursement
  2. Turnkey billing through the Mazda Dealer Parts Statement
  3. Access to subject matter experts at agency partners & media platforms
  4. Proactive media coordination, campaign management & optimization
  5. Compliance requirements enforced & monitored
  6. Best practices automatically implemented and monitored