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To provide a full, robust experience for customers from start to finish, we recommend a variety of channels in which a service buyer can discover and reach the dealership. This marketing mix delivers messaging based on their individual needs, driving them through dealership doors for their next service appointment. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with one-of-a-kind digital strategy, crafting a solid foundation geared towards their individual needs and goals.

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Search allows you to reach your customers when they are actively looking for your services. And with 75% (and growing) of traffic originating from a mobile device (according to the most recent Google stats), it has become vital to ensure you stake your spot in the results. We focus first and foremost on those searches that will get our clients their highest return on their investment with us. These are your customers who are ready to convert here & now, and we need to provide them easy access to the services they need, so they aren't lost to a third party repair shop.


Display and retargeting help keep our clients top of mind for potential & existing customers, as well as provide a platform to reach our customers beyond when they are actively searching for us. For fixed ops specifically, we’re able to utilize Google’s in-market data to serve ads to those who are in-market for vehicle maintenance. Display provides us with an outlet to reach these customers before they know to search for us.


Pre-roll offers another avenue in which to reach new and existing customers, keeping your dealership on their radar. We utilize 1st party data to drill down and focus on those customers who offer the biggest opportunity to our dealers, such as past customers who haven't been in for service recently and those in-market for maintenance in the area.


We leverage niche, layered automotive targeting to drive users to schedule service at their local Mazda dealership. Through thumb-stopping creative, ownership targeting down to the model level, and strong call-to-actions, we provide all the tools our dealers need to get new and long-lost customers in their door and interacting on Facebook. As a recognized strategic partner of Oracle (Elite Auto Data Marketer Partner Program), we are also able to target customers through vehicle registration data down to the model. For fixed ops, this is a game-changer. It provides our clients with the ability to target customers we already know own a Mazda - so there is no reason they shouldn't be coming to their local Mazda dealership for stellar service.


FUEL™ is our proprietary dynamic inventory advertising program that creates custom, highly-targeted paid search text ads and keyword lists based on real-time inventory data and conditional logic. This A.I. targets low-funnel shoppers with intelligent bidding decisions based on shopper intent, spending dollars precisely where and when they are most likely to buy to maximize marketing ROI. Each campaign is manually built, monitored, and continuously refined by our team of paid search specialists; and then optimize themselves based on changing inventory variables such as number in stock, days on the lot, VDP views, and more. FUEL™ then automatically A/B tests all ads and runs the highest performing versions after sufficient data is collected, ensuring dealers are spending budget on high-converting ads.