Dealer Teamwork

We make digital marketing easy to understand and use.

Our primary goal is to drive better results for your Mazda dealership, faster, through strong partnership and technological advantages. That’s why we created and patented our MPOP® software—a Merchandising, Personalization and Optimization Platform. The MPOP® is a centralized content distribution platform. Service offers and coupons built in the tool are automatically published to your website on a dynamic service offers landing page.

Your Dealer Teamwork service campaigns are hooked up to your service specials page, and channels we can manage include: landing pages, organic search, PPC, social ads, and an email campaign builder.

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Higher-quality campaigns & lead generation

Some vendors offer generic, templated campaigns, and on the flip side, some vendors offer customization by doing everything by hand. That’s not us. At Dealer Teamwork, we offer the customization and flexibility of a small agency, with the scaling power of a massive industry vendor. We’re the whole package!

Our patented MPOP® technology helps dealers save time creating and publishing service offers to their website. Time saved via automation leaves more time to focus on strategy and optimizing campaigns to meet your goals. Better campaigns, targeting highly relevant audiences lead to more actionable service opportunities.

More strategy, less busy work

Technology not only helps us automate manual work, it enables us to provide better strategy recommendations for your dealership. We consolidate data from your digital channels into our MPOP® Analytics reporting tool. This allows us to conduct fast campaign and SEO analysis on big picture and granular levels.

Saving time managing and analyzing your campaigns means we can spend more time advising your dealership on strategy and less time doing tedious account maintenance tasks. Your time is valuable, so let’s spend it on efforts that drive ROI!