VIPdrv Test Drive

Personalized Appointment Scheduling

VIPdrv Test Drive creates the best customer experience for your websiteing, leading to a great dealership visit, vehicle sale, gross profit and CSI opportunity. Optional Home or office delivery scheduling included.

Custom buttons and CTA’s are added to your VDP’s, SRP’s and dedicated landing page. Once opened, we present the customer unique steps for booking a personalized test drive appointment.

Enroll Pricing & Packages

VIPdrv Booking Process

Our booking process leads to a much more engaged customer who’s fully committed to a scheduled day/time and visit to your dealership. Each scheduling step further personalizes the appointment to the customer, leading to a stronger commitment and a much higher show and conversion rate.

Step 1 Set Day/Time

All dealer websites stop here. Watch how VIPdrv takes a boring lead form and create’s the best online experience for scheduling test drives today.

Step 2 Add Location

There's no better way to separate from competition and offer customers a truly unique experience then to deliver a test drive offsite from the dealership. VIPdrv makes it easy to offer test drive deliveries, including a max distance setting or limited delivery during time of day or weekends.

Step 3 Add Beverage

Yes, that's right. What better way to wow someone and establish a good connection with a potential customer, than to offer a complimentary beverage, waiting for them upon their arrival.

Step 4 Add Route

What type of test drive do you want to take? Typical daily commute, hit the open road or quick drive by the house to make sure the new SUV fits in the garage? We got all the bases covered.

We offer our Lifestyle Routes or can customize the test drive routes to your requirements. Our goal is to give your customers the best test drive experience to fit their lifestyle.

Step 5 Add Salesperson

We offer the customer the ability to select a salesperson for their test drive appointment. This puts a name/face up front and adds to the personalization of the test drive for both customer and salesperson. Custom descriptions with likes/hobbies/interests can be added for each salesperson.

All VIPdrv Steps are customizable to your dealership operations. Additional custom steps can also be added at request.

We also include the following with each VIPdrv Test Drive Subscription:

Test Drive Landing Page

Each dealer website also receives a Test Drive landing page on your website. This page pulls from your inventory feed and can support any type of social or email marketing effort to promote VIP Test Drive and your dealership.

Dedicated Sales Links

Each salesperson is provided a dedicated sales link they can place in email signature or use in 1:1 email follow-ups. These links drive back to VIPdrv test drive landing page with sales person locked into test drive booking process.

VIP Appointment Cards

Every VIP Appointment now includes a Customer Appointment Card. Place in the vehicle window prior to in-person appointment, setting up a great VIP experience, introducing the customer to their vehicle and test drive.