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Consumers are increasingly relying on Search for Parts & Service information and decisions. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) should be a key component of a dealership’s digital parts and service marketing strategy. In addition, it’s important to ensure you are branding and driving awareness for your parts and service offerings through additional efforts such as Retargeting, Social Advertising, Video Advertising and even Display. The Mazda Parts & Service Dealer Digital Advertising Program connects you with the biggest names in automotive digital marketing to provide you the choice in who supports your Fixed Ops digital advertising efforts.

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Dealer Inspire

Built on unprecedented technologies and industry-leading design, the Dealer Inspire ecosystem of products and services is built to future-proof dealerships by powering faster, easier, and more confident car shopping journeys, from search to signature.

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Drive more business to your Mazda service center with DealerOn’s Fixed Ops Digital Advertising Strategies. Crafted with precision & built for success. Our campaigns leverage your own data, to precisely target consumers who are ready to walk in the door. Combined with our ROI based reporting, you will be able to track actual repair order volume generated from our campaigns.

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Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess is the industry leader in parts and service digital marketing. For years, we’ve helped Service Managers drive more traffic to their service lanes by targeting customers at the exact moment they go online to search for a dealer who can service their vehicle. This targeted approach helps us generate more ROs and Upsell opportunities for our dealers’ service departments, which leads to more revenue and greater profits.

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L2T Media connects dealers with in-market service and parts shoppers. L2T’s best-in-class digital team and customer success team works with your dealership to strategize your fixed ops digital marketing plan and help you get results for your business. Innovative digital marketing technology and industry leading partnerships with Google, Facebook and Microsoft make it easy for dealers to drive interest in their service and parts business. With transparent pricing and performance KPIs, L2T is your next-level technology partner to build your fixed operations business.

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Get more, every day, with PureCars. PureCars is dedicated to delivering more for Mazda Dealers. More clicks, leads, calls, service appointments and ROs, every day. The PureCars Platform is the first and only industry-specific, proprietary platform to give dealers everything in one place -- including full funnel, integrated digital advertising across all major channels, VIN-level attribution, inventory & market insights, and opportunities -- giving Mazda dealers everything they need to book more service appointments, sell more cars and achieve a higher ROI.

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